She has taught for Marvel College, DK Beauty and now found her home educating for Amore Ultima Gel.  Kari is an Advanced Senior Nail Technician and an Advanced Certified Amore Educator.  She is also certified to train other Spa and Salon professionals in such on behalf of CBON-Cosmetic Brands of North America Inc.  She continues to upgrade her skills and education so she can better train her students.  

Our beginner nail courses are run on a small scale.  All About Nails will run 2 courses a year one in March and one in September.  Exact dates and times are announced on our Facebook page.  

One on one training is available as well for the already certified nail technician. Please contact for pricing.

Art classes are run through out the year for already Certified nail technicians.  With special guest Educators dropping by to help out.  We teach art skills that can be used on a typical salon length nail.  Skills that will help you stand out against your competition.  

Struggling with lifting and breaking nails?  We have workshops where we teach you how to be successful and utilize all Amore Gels has to offer you. We will teach you how to tweak your structure and shape of nails. If you are looking to learn advanced shaped nails like the Stiletto, the Monroe, the Lipstick, the Almond... oh the list goes on.  We have workshops where we teach you these fun new nail styles.

Waxing Classes.  Such a great add to your salon.  Taught using hard wax and strip wax.  From facial waxing to Brazilians, you learn it all in our class.

Pedicure Classes.  Only taught to nail technicians that have taken the beginner nail training from All About Nails.  Not all classes are created equal, this class will give you the confidence and knowledge to do your best job and have happy customers.

For all of our Course Dates and Workshops that we have running check out our FACEBOOK PAGE we will continue to update it and keep you informed.   Or feel free to CONTACT US with any and all of your questions.‚Äč

Why take training here?  Questions you should be asking found HERE

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