We have 4 nail technician working in our store.  Our sculpted gel nails are not your typical service you have experienced at any other salon.  A good set of nails takes 2 hours to do.  We do not use plastic glue on tips, we sculpt using forms.  Our main goal is to preserve your natural nail health and give you a beautiful set of nails. Sculpted Gel Nails takes time as it is a work of art.  We have a variety of technicians working at all different skill levels.  Because this is a harder task then typical services offered elsewhere, every tech is at a different part of her journey in her career, therefore making the prices slightly different.

We also have 4 hair removal technicians.  Click HERE to see their price list and services that are being offered at All About Nails.  *Be sure to ask how you can save money by bundling your services!

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Salon Etiquette

Our 4 nail technicians​ are:

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Services and Technicians at All About Nails.

1.Payments are due immediately after service is performed.

2.Clients who are 15 minutes late or later, and have NOT called, your appointment is considered cancelled.  Please call at your convenience to reschedule.

3.Nail Warranty - Nails are under full warranty for 7 days after application. If a problem occurs within the warranty period ,the customer must contact "All About Nails "within the seven days. There are no money refunds on any service provided and all warranty issues will be repaired and rectified.

4.Full set price is charged for all new clients.

5.  Fills can not be done on sets 5 weeks or older, therefore new set prices will be charged.
6.  Please do not bring your children with you to your appointment.  We are not able to provide a proper service with little ones running around.