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Gel Nail Certification in Alberta - When searching for gel nail education, there are a few questions you MUST ask. The province of Alberta is "unregulated". This means that ANYONE can teach a gel nail class and give you a certificate of completion.

Questions you must ask!

Is your educator backed by a manufacturer? This is a VERY important factor because generally your certificate entitles you to buy your "professional only" products. If your educator does not have manufacturer backing, you may be out in the cold when it comes to product supply. Mainstream manufacturers acknowledge one another’s certificates, while educators without a manufacturer are less likely to be recognized by these UV Gel Nail manufacturers.

It is in the manufacturer’s best interest to have top notch training protocols, as they are building a brand and rely on long term success for their technicians.

Is there really a difference between a 1 day course with no practicum and a five day course with practicum? I could save myself over $1000.00? YES, YES, YES! That extra time and extra money absolutely make the difference! How do we know? Being a manufacturer we get those frustrated technicians who took that one day class calling us for help! Gel nail training is a process of theory, hands on and troubleshooting. When you invest in a full course, you have the benefit of developing a relationship with your educator who takes time to watch your development and give you help in the areas that you most need. They will remain mentors to you throughout your career!

Did the educator receive Educator Training? Where? There is a big difference between being a nail technician and being an educator. Just because someone can DO nails, does NOT mean they can teach!  When an educator is certified to instruct, this means they are adhering to guidelines BROADER than their own knowledge base. This also means they are dedicated to upgrading their skills and are actively involved in their industry.

What does the Amore Ultima Class have to offer?

The Amore Ultima Beginner Nail Technician Program consists of 5 full days of “in-class training” formatted in either weekend classes or one day per week for 5 weeks. An additional 50 hour commitment is required from students in the form of practicum work to be completed between classes. The practicum work requires that the student complete a number of nail services, and submit completed practicum sheets to their instructor along with photos of their work. In addition to the 5 instructional days, there is a half day pre-test and a full day written and practical final exam. We offer this program in small class sizes of 4 or less or one on one as private instruction. We use our own comprehensive curriculum and detailed examination standards. Our educators are committed to your success and have had many years training both as nail technicians as well as educators. We have been providing “Excellence in Education” since 1994. ​